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Originally Posted by Irvin View Post
And what is the bad technique?
You make a good point on how to set the anchor clamp and the starting clamp outside the hoop to back it up just in case it slips. The bad technique is when you move the anchor clamp to the head beside the other side main. What you should have done was continue to finish the 2nd main first then proceed to the other side (anchor side). That's how the USRSA demonstrates it, in Racquet Service Techniques, page 29. Though I understand you were demonstrating how to start mains, but it demonstrated flaws that should not be encouraged.

What was the point of having an anchor if you move it the main next to the clamped main? It does not make sense. (wasted movement)

I don't want to derail this topic any more than I have to. I just wanted to point out that everything you post on YouTube is not Stringer's Gospel.
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