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I found this on UK tennis retailer pro[xxx][tennxx] website. It is a part of the product description/marketing hype that is listed for the Blade 93. It is a whole paragraph devoted to the Blade's black-out PJ and how and why they decided to go with it.

"The Blade has been the recipient of one of the most stunning paint jobs to ever grace a tennis racket, and the story behind it is even better. Word has it that during the testing and tweaking period, Wilson's pro players are handed matt black, undercoated 'blank canvas' frames to play with before they receive their finished articles.
Every year Wilson is asked by many of its pros if they can keep the test versions as they prefer the understated matt black finish. So, this year, Wilson has finally relented and given the Blade a stunning makeover with a matt black finish complete with classy silver detailing or a glossy black finish with white detailing inspired by their test rackets."

So the Blade 93 has a Matte black finish or a glossy one?
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