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Originally Posted by tennisfreak73 View Post
i've heard tons of great things about Cyclone 17g, however, once you play a few hours with them the performance completely bottoms out. have you found this to be true? in other words, it starts as an absolutely awesome string and in no time is average at best.
Just to be clear, I'm currently hitting Cyclone Tour which is a twisted version of the regular Cyclone. It is red, and from what I have read, it is a substantially different string. That being said, I haven't noticed any significant performance decrease yet after 2.5 hours on court. The real test will come on the next outing, I think. Spin was good, but Blue Rough was better. Odd random thing that I remember someone else writing about, too, is that I was literally tearing into the ball. There were a lot of little patches of fuzz on the court--kind of like little yellow toupes. Strange, but made me feel cool I'll write some more after I hit again. Might be a while, though, with the holidays coming up.
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