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Originally Posted by KenC View Post
I don't know how significant the extra 5 or so grams is, but the racquets seem to play very well and handle heavy balls just fine. But I am interested to know if anyone ever got the 315 with an actual weight of 315g?
My demo from TW weighs 11.45oz / 325g so allowing 0.5oz /15g for strings, looks like mine is 310g as well. Interestingly, TW (US) specs the strung weight at 11.8oz / 334.52g! So I would consider paying for TW's matching service if there's really that much variation.

I played 3 sets of dubs with the KI5 315 today. For reference, I've been playing with 7g's for 10 years now, currently with full bed of RIP 17 (Discho Multifibre 1.25 is on the way). The last few years, I've been having bouts with TE and am considering moving down to 27" to see if that's a factor for me.

Once I got used to the different launch angle on the ball, it was pretty easy to play with the KI5 315. It shares some of the attributes I like about the 7g - high twistweight (racquet doesn't want to torque in my hand on an offcenter hit) and decent sized sweetspot. It also has the same comfy feel and nice headlight balance.

Less to my liking was the KI5 315 has less plowthru and volleys lacked punch compared to my 7g. My stock 7g's are around 11.8 oz (prolly higher swingweight too) so that may account for much of the difference. I would probably prefer an 11.8oz KI5 if they do exist.

On a side note, I also had a Dunlop Bio F3.0 Tour and Dunlop Bio Max 200G in the box. Anyone who likes the 7g might want to try the F3.0 even though its specs are different. Larger sweetspot and higher twistweight than last year's Bio 300 Tour, and the F3.0 has a surprising amount of spin potential for an 18x20. I had a blast serve & volleying with it. Feels pretty stiff on offcenter shots though.
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