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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
You seem to ignore that the usual surface in Europe was clay.

I even am not sure if the 1964 Cannes indoor tournament was not on clay.

For instance I do know that Rosewall beat Trabert in the 1959 Vienna INDOOR matches on CLAY.

USA defeated Austria in the 1990 Davis Cup encounter in a soccer stadium on CLAY.
No, but the pros looked for cheapest locales, that would mean indoor.
The Cannes was indoor.
Look at 1961. Here we have the Scandinavian Pro INDOOR. Is Scandinavia in Europe?
The "Milan Pro", with Gonzales and Cooper in the final. Sounds like indoor.
The Austrian Pro INDOOR, with Gonzales and MacKay in the final, MacKay beating Rosewall in the semifinal. Sounds like not clay.
The Inter-Country Pro Challenge in Turin, with the usual indoor guys coming through. Sounds like indoor.
Etc. etc.
We need some hard evidence to show that a clay venue was rented (these cost more to rent than a cold, claustrophobic gym or arena).
It still looks like 7 to 2 for Hoad over Rosewall on clay, in recognized major tournaments.

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