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Default Silent Partner SMART Ball Machine arrived today, damaged ):

Today, we received the Silent Partner SMART Ball Machine by way of UPS Shipping. During shipping, the battery's housing broke, and the battery beat the ball machine from the inside.

I took photos:

I emailed this problem to:

I will post the result to this Forum for consideration to others wanting to purchase this product.

I read every single post here on this Forum regarding the Silent Partner ball machines. I read the posts on the Lobsters and Playmates too.
I decided that I would purchase the Silent Partner SMART Machine for our family to play at the local courts. I bought their top model, the SMART AC/DC and purchased the extra year warranty too.

While unpacking it, I was mindfully checking for damage and all looked well until I tilted the box to remove the device, and I heard a heavy object smack from inside the device -- I got that sick feeling.
After I removed the bubble-pack-sleeve, I wheeled the device into the bedroom (away from our two-year-old), and investigated further.
A paper told me that I must remove a styrofoam block from the sending-wheels. The foam was not in that position. I used a flashlight to look inside, then I really felt sick. I can see the foam way out of place behind a battery that got loose when it's housing broke, and I can imagine the damage that a 10lb deep-cell battery can do while hitting in there during the shipping. All of the electronics are exposed to those impacts.

Anyway, I emailed the company, and will post the result here.
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