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Australian Open.

It is the slam that has got it all.

Day matches.
Night matches (scheduled).
Outdoor matches.
Indoor matches (when the weather permits it).
Tiebreak sets and sets to advantage.
No silly middle Sundays off (honestly get with the times).
Has no tradition to rely on so it constantly has to reinvent itself.
Richest prize money.
Will have 3 retractable roofs.
Will have the best facilties in the world.
First slam of the year so it sets the scene.
Record crowds every year.

Also, it is the one slam that doesn't get owned. It is nobody's *****.

Wimbledon: ***** to Borg, Sampras, Federer and Navratilova. Wimbledon would have to be the most predictable ho hum event of all time (Nadal at the FO aside. But once Nadal retires I expect the FO to be competitive again).
FO: Borg's and Nadal's *****.
USO: Federer's and Sampras' *****.

So it is the least predictable of the slams which is a massive plus. The timing of the event may have something to do with it.

If they sped up the court and made it a neutral surface, with true bounce and true speed, really, it would be the ultimate tournament.

AO for spectators is awesome. As a resident of Melbourne I go every year. The atmosphere at the night sessions, be it in the stadium or out on the grounds, is something only the New Yorkers could appreciate.

Plus the babes, you gotta see the babes. Awesome.
That is all.
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