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Originally Posted by chrischris View Post

its getting hotter twice as fast as the worst predictions had expected..

time to cut carbon emissions , or kiss a healthy future bye-bye.
On this earth, we are supposed to be responsible. The article just shows how little we are. I think civilization can basically be compared to a credit card. We buy now, and pay later....not realizing the consequences in time. As individuals, we can actually make a difference. Switching off a light globe not in use, may not sound as much if one person do it...but if millions do it, it makes a difference. The problem is that we are blunt and do not care enough. We selfishly "buy now" and will probably "pay later"
Will the world perish? matter what we do to try and prevent it...(we should do what we can though) - and maybe focus more on things that really matter....extreme poverty vs. extreme wealth, is problematic for is making us more and more selfish, and less and less concerned of those who do struggle.
So many of us, are hectically wealthy, yet we want more and more...strangling earth and people around us for our own selfish wants. If we can learn to be content with the wealth we do actually have, we will take less and give more.

“Do what is right, though the world may perish”. Immanuel Kant

"Heaven and earth shall pass, but my words shall not pass"
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