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I have found, which I do obviously disclaim is my personal observation, that different strings produce different types of spin. I am not a fan of geared strings. This includes Spiky Shark, Blue Gear, SP Plasma HEXtreme and probably a few others I'm missing. Reason being, they all produce the same sort of spin. It's a very loopy, floaty type of spin which really is more amusing than amazing. The textured strings which I like create what I consider heavy spin: spin combined with pace that bite into the court and push you back. The two best I've found for this are Tour Bite (IMO, the best out there for it) and BHBR. Those are the only two strings where I have been told that having changed nothing but the string that my shots are kicking and skidding. However, there is a problem. Tour Bite has zero feel. I mean, none at all. If you stay at the baseline and that's it, then I see no reason to use any other string. BHBR in my experience is too powerful for a lot of people. With that string, you end up relying on that heavy spin to produce control on your shots because you get more pop than you expect. The best compromise that I've found is Tornado, but it has an extremely unique feel which many do not like, but many do like (me being one of them). Even then, it does not have the feel that I like when I'm at the net, so I stick with my cheapo standby Scorpion.
I found BHBR to be the best at spin production so far, too. Interesting that you say some people feel it is too powerful as I've read that in reviews, too, yet did not find the same result. In fact, I thought it lacked power. It was nice in that I could swing away and never worry about the ball going out, but I felt it took some pace off my serve. To be fair, it was in a hybrid w/Forten nylon, though. I'm going to try it again with an IBS cross. If I can get even a little power/feel, I would switch to it. The spin was awesome.
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