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Originally Posted by Say Chi Sin Lo View Post
I also thought Skyfall was a massive disappointment as a Bond movie, here are my reasons:

1) It wasn't clever at all. If this wasn't a Bond movie, I would have been fine with it. But for a Bond movie, this was not clever at all.

2) It wasn't stylish aside from the introduction (those are always great, especially the Daniel Craig era). To me, Bond's character values form over function. The stuff may not work well, but he'll use it if it's pretty enough. James Bond is known for his sense of style, demanding the finest, and often unnecessary grooming for the occasion. There were bits and pieces here and there, but the movie wasn't bathed in style like Casino Royale was.

3) The villain was a joke. It was almost as if they wrote the movie, and forgot to write in a villain. And to show that we gave this character some thoughts, we'll make him a bit of an oddball and extra annoying.

4) Aside from M, all of the side characters were also a joke. M and Bond could have stayed on screen for all 2 hours and a half and I may not even notice the lack of a supporting cast.

5) Two and a half run time is fine, just don't bore me for a hour and give me the substance of 90mins. And no, I don't need a 5 minute lecture on rats and coconuts on the set of Inception. If you watched the movie, you know what I'm talking about.

Casino Royale remains as my favorite 007 film.
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