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Originally Posted by bkpr View Post
Hey all. I'm not a stringer, but thought this'd be the best place to ask this question:

Is it standard practice to strong a racquet at higher tension in anticipation of the string settling at a desired tension?

I ask 'cos I asked my stringer for WIlson Sensation 17 @ 56lbs, and when I got it back the next day RacquetTune recorded 62-ish. A day or two later it recorded 56.6lbs before playing. I thought the my stringer was a genius

Is this standard practice? If so, the i guess the stringer would need to know how much tension a particular string is expected to lose so they can adjust. Also, would it not depend on when the racquet will be used next?

Or am I over thinking things?
Does it mean I have a good stringer?

Once the racket is taken off the stringer the string bed will continue to loose tension over time. How much and how fast it looses that tension depends on the string used, tension, time for tensioning, technique, how hard you hit, and a lot of other variables,
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