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Originally Posted by I Heart Thomas Muster View Post
Just out of curiosity has anyone tried it without the cotton? I would imagine if you left the racquet alone for 3-5 days it would solidify enough that it wouldn't move anyway.
I've never used cotton or anything else to block silicon. The silicon I use is so thick that I have to use a stick to push it down into the hairpin. I think that even if I left the racket upside-down, it wouldn't move at all. But I still dry it handle-down just to be safe. After putting it in and taking it out, I've never had the silicon more and--at least with the silicon I've been using--I see no reason for cotton or anything else to block the tubes.

The main use for a block, that I can see, is to make a more accurate measurement about exactly how far down the tube you want the silicon to go. But I usually don't care how far down it goes, I just use weight to decide when to stop putting it in. But If I wanted the silicon to all be in the middle of the grip, for example, I can see how using a block farther down could be helpful. But if you just add silicon to the end of the tube, and measure based on weight, I don't see a need for cotton/blocking.
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