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I hit with a 1HBH, but often tell people who are thinking to switch not to. There are few people who can hit a 1HBH really well and not have to constantly work on it. I have to drill my BH 10X more than my FH.

I think the advantages of a good 1HBH outweigh the advantages of a good 2HBH, but the advantages of a mediocre 2HBH outweigh those of the mediocre 1HBH.

That being said, I will never change as I can hit shots with my 1HBH that I couldn't even hit with a FH. And I can hit my 1HBH harder than I can hit my FH. But again, that is at the expense of a couple of hours a week drilling the 1HBH.
I feel this same way as KenC. Personally I love the 1hbh and its an absolute joy to watch and hit with. And yes I have to work on it a lot more than any other stroke and it does break down for no good reason sometimes. But when its on, the shots, the pace , the angles I get is well worth it. Plus I have a pretty good slice backhand so if my 1hbh is just misfiring one day I just go to that.

I find that if I prepare properly and weight transfer right, my 1hbh is a harder flatter shot that my forehand. See what works for you but I'm a little biased.
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