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Good advice, thanks.

Originally Posted by TennisCJC View Post
Overall, good technique. I have 2 suggestions.

1. On both your FH and BH, you have a pause in your loop. You pivot to the side with shoulders/hands, then you start your loop to contact. But, you pause at the back of the loop. It is more prevalent on the BH. It looked like you almost stop on your BH loop. Try making the pivot/prep to side with your shoulders. Then when you start the swing make it continuous to contact. Backswing can be very small, actual loop with hands can be very small; but you can still hit it hard if your hands are relaxed and you let it flow from legs and shoulders.

2. Try lifting more with legs. You are rotating forward but if you get more lift into the rotation, you'll get more topspin and can hit aggressively with margin.
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