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a couple of pointers:

I know it's fun and exhilarating crushing the ball - and there's a time and place for that, but if the purpose is to groove your technique, I suggest you slow down and focus on the whole kinetic chain. Start slow and focus on a smooth movement, involving your whole body.

One thing you don't do consistently is loading up properly on a low foundation and engage your non-hitting arm properly.

I would start with that, focus on getting low and practice a smooth, balanced movement. Don't worry about power, or if the ball supposedly goes long or short at that point. It's all about finding a smooth, balanced and relaxed movement and get that into muscle memory.

This video is a good example on a proper load up:

look at 1:57 - and don't worry about getting air, but rather focus on the low load up he's demonstrating there.

That's all I would start with - good luck and post some progress!
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