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Originally Posted by NLBwell View Post
With the revenue generating sports - football and basketball - using something like 100 scholarships, that means you have to create teams for scholarships for 100 women and find 100 women to fill them before you can put a single guy on scholarship in another sport. That's why you have situations like the 60 Minutes exposed where colleges are giving scholarships for the women's tennis team to guys who are hitting partners for the gals. They just can't find enough qualified women to fill the spots.

As far revenue generated by the sports, the revenue in vs. the revenue out for most teams may not be positive, but football especially helps a lot in getting large donations to the university as well as name recognition in attracting high quality students. They are also a rallying point for cohesion of the student body and alumni.
Most college presidents are no dummies and they know that the positive aspects of football and sometimes even basketball far outweigh the costs when all factors are taken into account.
Many professors don't like having sports teams because they only take into account the costs. However, many would not have jobs except for the other money that indirectly comes into the university from the existence of the sports teams.
This is not accurate information from what I've been told over the years. Title 9 rules are rather nebulous when it comes to specifics, and one of those areas is scholarship allotment. Very few of the FBS schools that get 85 football scholarships actually give an equal amount of athletic scholarships to men and women covering all sports. Title 9 is about equal opportunity, and that doesn't necessarily equate to equal athletic scholarships across gender.

Didn't get to see the 60 Minutes piece, so not sure if they are also claiming that the number of scholarships needs to be equal, but if you look at some of the mid major type FBS schools you'll see that they don't even sponsor enough women's teams to even equal just football in terms of the amount of scholarships available per sport.
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