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Originally Posted by tennis tom View Post
Just curious Woodrow, I assume you weren't working it, and was watching as a spectator, what can one do in such a situation to remedy the injustice?

I wasn't working or a spectator, I was playing.

If his opponent had noticed and/or cared, he could have warned him that he was blatantly foot faulting. THen he could have gone and gotten an official (of course he can go get the official before he says anything too). Then, if the official can't be found, or if the official is on another court that had problems and can't leave the court he's on, he can call foot faults on the opponent.

As a player, I don't ever feel that it is going to make me lose the match just because the opponent is foot faulting. One guy I played last weekend foot faulted a lot on the deuce side by clearly going over the center service line with his back foot. They were blatant, but I didn't say anything, and I won the match anyway.
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