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How do you define best? Personal taste or actual record sales? Most people who do this stuff for a living lean on sales #s followed by albums of critical acclaim that influenced other albums.

Using that category (which is the best possible way - far better than the layman's argument) Queen is top 10 of all time in record sales and Pet Sounds is the #2 greatest record of all time according to the rolling stone list (list was created by this laundry list of successful artists/ music executives at the following link:

Now ask yourself - how do you quantify an opinion better than anyone on that list? The answer is that you probably do not without a resume in the industry. A humbling fact - Brittney Spears is on that list and knows far more about music than any layman, who could never pick a producer, create a proper song list on an album or allocate marketing funds for promo. This is why musical debates are a total waste of time and the main person here who thinks his taste is superior ( clue - the OP ) needs to admit to trolling or simply sit down before shaming himself any further.

excellent troll thread BTW. Well done. This is a heycal staple. At least for someone who peruses this battlefield, maybe they will at least see some good, real info on art instead of being bashed in the face by one person's unqualified opinion and ears.

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