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Originally Posted by KenC View Post
I hit with a 1HBH, but often tell people who are thinking to switch not to. There are few people who can hit a 1HBH really well and not have to constantly work on it. I have to drill my BH 10X more than my FH.

I think the advantages of a good 1HBH outweigh the advantages of a good 2HBH, but the advantages of a mediocre 2HBH outweigh those of the mediocre 1HBH.

That being said, I will never change as I can hit shots with my 1HBH that I couldn't even hit with a FH. And I can hit my 1HBH harder than I can hit my FH. But again, that is at the expense of a couple of hours a week drilling the 1HBH.
Originally Posted by bhallic24 View Post
I feel this same way as KenC. Personally I love the 1hbh and its an absolute joy to watch and hit with. And yes I have to work on it a lot more than any other stroke and it does break down for no good reason sometimes. But when its on, the shots, the pace , the angles I get is well worth it. Plus I have a pretty good slice backhand so if my 1hbh is just misfiring one day I just go to that.

I find that if I prepare properly and weight transfer right, my 1hbh is a harder flatter shot that my forehand. See what works for you but I'm a little biased.
I mostly agree with the above. For a while I was hitting my 1HBH noticeably harder + with more spin than my eastern forehand. The fastest groundstroke I've ever hit was off a 1HBH. I was forcing more errors off the 1HBH as well, a lot of times just from the pace and spin. Problem is I'm making UE's with it too, and random ones. It broke down often on tricky shots and return of serve.
That's a really good point from the previous posters, that it takes extra time in practice to maintain the 1HBH. Once I switched my FH to SW, concentrated my practice on it, and made an effort to run around as many balls to possible to hit FH's, my 1HBH went down the dumps. Oh well, I'll take run-around FH's and a reliable 2HBH at 75% power over a powerful but unreliable 1HBH.
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