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Favourite: (not in order but so many):
Nadal's 7th FO and great clay season (excluding Madrid )
Murray's Olympic Gold and USO win
Djokovic winning AO, Shanghai (great match) and WTF as well as ending the year no.1
AO Final (Djokovic is a beast)
Any Djokovic match where he saves match points
Nishikori winning the Japan Open
Serena dominating the WTA tour
Vika winning the AO
Federer winning Wimbledon (I could have just said 4 different slam winners lol)
Jerzy Janowicz
M&M winning the WTF doubles

Least Favourite:
The players who retired this year, I'll miss you A-rod
Nadal missing half of the year :\
Murray and this trend of losing matches whilst holding match points
Flukas Rosol, he deserved the win but has shown us nothing since then
Tsonga, he has disappointed me this year
And Wawrinka's epic tank in the 3rd set of that Shanghai match with Roger, as a fan I had to stop watching at 4-0
Fan of: Nadal, Wawrinka, Tsonga, S.Williams, Azarenka, N.Li
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