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Originally Posted by BauerAlmeida View Post
Queen in interpretation and songwriting is miles ahead of Neil Young. Neil Young was a great LYRICIST but nothing special as a songwriter.

"Somebody to Love" is a fantastic song, ALMOST as good as "Boh Rap". The same goes for "March of the Black Queen", "Innuendo" and "Millonaire Waltz". Do you think those aren't great??

Very complex, full of arrangements and a magnificent interpretation. Queen had 3 great vocalists (one was out of this world), while some bands barely have one.

And first you say you only heard ONE Kansas song, but then yoy go on and say Neil has twice as many good songs as them...How can you know if you never listened to them??

You seem to believe HITS are the best songs from their any band, and they're not. Hits are a success because they're more commercial and easy-listening for the public. Kansas has dozens of great songs. Dust In The Wind, The Wall, Point Of Know Return, Rainmaker, Miracles Out Of Nowhere, The Pinnacle, etc.
I realize that hits aren't often the best songs a band has done. However, the good stuff usually makes itself known somehow, and the songs from Queen and Kansas have not done so. As is often the case with these lesser bands, their one or two hits ARE their best efforts.

Originally Posted by Timbo's hopeless slice View Post
accidental irony 101

you would find plenty of music critics who would agree, actually..
Really? 20-something critics with one or two contrarian older types thrown in?

Believe me, son, in decades to come, absolutely no one will be talking about Radio Muse or Lemon Head or Ok Cupid or whoever. I understand you probably like them because you grew up with them -- hell, I like "The Night the Lights went out in Georgia" because I grew up with it -- but these bands are nowhere near in league with the Stones and Beatles.

Originally Posted by SoBad View Post
To call things their names, frankly, Queen was a spoiled bunch of silver-spoon-mouthed degenerates who barely succeeded with one song in a weak era.
Not far off. Mercury could sing like hell, and they did manage to eek out a couple of slams here and there, but they aren't among the truly great.

Originally Posted by tricky View Post
Among a lot of critics, it's an argument between OK Computer, Nevermind, and Loveless (which gets the "Pet Sounds.") This is one of the innate problems with decade debates. A record in 1991 will often be deemed "more important" than one in 1997, even though the 10 years markers are still pretty arbitrary. People heard Nevermind and thought, "hey I could do that." Bands heard OK Computer and considered calling it a day.

Then you have a separate debate between Kid A and OK Computer. Kid A was selected as greatest album of the 00s in various publications. And it could be argued that The Bends was more influential than OK Computer and Kid A.
Are you speaking English?

Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
How do you define best? Personal taste or actual record sales? Most people who do this stuff for a living lean on sales #s followed by albums of critical acclaim that influenced other albums.

Using that category (which is the best possible way - far better than the layman's argument)
Sales?? God, no. That's a horrible way. If we used sales to define greatness, we'd be talking about horrifying bands like AC/DC. Sales aren't a reliable indicator at all.

Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
. This is why musical debates are a total waste of time and the main person here who thinks his taste is superior ( clue - the OP ) needs to admit to trolling or simply sit down before shaming himself any further.
I really don't understand what the controversy is. Me stating that the Beatles and Stones are two best rock bands ever is pretty much stating the obvious. Reading some of the replies here, it's as if I said "Roger Federer and Rod Laver are two best players ever", and a bunch of guys started howling "What? What about Leyton Hewitt?? Or Jim Courier?? Hello! Haven't you ever heard of Yannick Noah???"
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