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Originally Posted by darklore009 View Post
Rip control breaks on me. Once the outer layer is through, it breaks easily. Isospeed control is durable
I agree on this. Rip Control can be durable for some people, but once that outer layer is worn, the core is fragile.

Isospeed Control 16 is basically the same material as Rip Control's outer layer, without the fragile inner core.

It has the same, muted feel of RIP, with the best durability you will find on a multi. It is soft on the arm, but not as powerful as other multis. While most multis feel lively and springy, Isospeed & RIP strings have a much deader 'feel', but that deadness does not make them any 'less-soft' for a multi. In that sense, they are still soft/arm-friendly, due to the multifilament construction. But for some people, that change in 'feel' can be a deal-breaker. Great control for a multi and great durability too. If you like RIP, you'll like Isospeed Control.
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