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Originally Posted by bhallic24 View Post
Yea I can see that my trophy pose is off. When I look at the pro's side views they seem to shift their hips forward into the court almost when they assume the archer's bow. I tried to do that but then lost my balance. Is it something ot do with my feet too close together? Or not pointed the right way?

When I looked at my video, my feet were a good shoulder's width apart.
That shift forward of the hips that you see the pros do is to counter balance the sideways tilt of the upper body.

It is the combined sideways bend of the upper body at the waist plus the front hip going out that gives the archer's bow shape of the body.

Some find that it is easier to do this by concentrating on getting their hitting shoulder as low to the ground as possible, letting their forward hip move out into the court to maintain their balance.

I picked the above picture of Sampras to show that those with a platform stance like you can indeed do this, even though it can be exaggerated even more from a pinpoint stance. (But many find it harder to balance in a pinpoint stance.)
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