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Default Dunlop biomimetic M 3.0 review

Okay guys I just picked up a demo of the new Dunlop M3 .0. I was a user of the 4D 300 a couple of years back and really liked that racket. It was my main stick for over a year so that says a lot even though it was the tour model. I have to admit I was very curious when I heard about Dunlop redesigning the 300 model with a whole new mold. The new 3.0 really does feel like a whole new racket, for the better or worse I'm not quite sure. It definitely feels a lot more firm and stiff then prior years models. There is a little more power to be had this time, but not a whole lot just like the TW reviewers stated. This racquet feels very crisp to me, and maybe a little tinny feeling. The balance and swing weight feels perfect for me, I would say 325 is very accurate. The static weight on my demo came in at 325 grams and the balance came in at four points headlight. The racket feels great through the air, not too light and whippy and not too heavy and sluggish. Groundstrokes felt pretty good, easy to keep the ball in play and definitely more on the control side of things. Serves were also pretty good with a nice amount of power and spin. My biggest and really only issue with this racket, at this point, is the sweet spot that the TW reviewers speak of. Maybe I just need more time to get used to it, but it seems rather easy to miss the middle of the racket. This results in a lot of shots that don't go where you intended and also in some bad feeling shots. The feel of the racket on impact reminds me a lot of Babolat's feeling. I am curious to hear if other users here will find the same problem with this new 3.0. I will pay more attention to this next time I go out and hit with this racket which may be tonight. If that doesn't change that would definitely be a dealbreaker for me. Would love to hear from anyone else who has tried this racquet so far and what you thought of it. I am kind of surprised at the lack of discussion about this racket so far, as the prior models were quite popular. So that's it for now, more to come.

By the way, this entire review was done using my iPhone's text to speech feature, so if there are some misspelled words or strange sounding sentences please forgive me . It's not perfect but it sure beats typing
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