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High School tennis should also be a no-cut sport whenever possible. Parent/Coaches can volunteer to take on a team of 6 more kids and run their own JV or Frosh/Soph team under the leadership of the varsity head coach or JV coach. With more JV and Frosh/Soph teams there will be many more dual matches making the schedule much better. Most teams will have a JV1, JV2, JV3, etc. Usually making JV or Frosh/Soph is a negative omen because you won't have much match play, but limiting teams to 6 players will add teams to these development levels further adding to the overall HS tennis experience.
I know you have a good intentions but in many cases this is not possible. High school coaches coach because they want to do it or give back or the school asks them to do it. It is not for the money. Most public schools have to pay for the costs of all the sports. The state and the county do not do it. That means that tennis costs the school money so in most cases they will not have more than what is needed for the team. Often no parent steps up to coach and when they do they have to be approved by the county and usually complete a course and have a background check done on them. Also, usually the person coaching the team does not have the knowledge to really help the players. The better players have private coaches who mold their game. They do not want a high school coach with limited coaching experience to attempt to change their game. There are just lots of factors involved.

Here in Georgia there is no singles competition. It is a team competition with singles and doubles players. That means you could be #1 in Georgia in singles but if your team does not have a lot of good players you will not go past region. Also, the private schools play and they recruit/scholarship players. Basically they are almost unbeatable. The whole system in this state is screwed up. It is a good experience for kids to play. My older son plays but it does not have much value other than a team experience.
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