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Originally Posted by tennis tom View Post
At the same tournament that "Clarence Darrow" was in, I saw another instance of foot faulting being called where the perp did not become temporarily insane. It was in dubs and the roving ref called an f-f on a player who was NOT over the service line. The player was mystified why and the ref said to him you can ask me why and then I can tell you. The player asked, he was stepping over the imaginary line between the deuce/ad sides at the hash mark--which was unusual for doubles. This player handled it much differently then the lawyer in the previous example, fixed it and went merrily on his way.
I have observed both the crossing over the imaginary hash mark, as well as crossing over the imaginary extension of the doubles side line. There are guys who have specialized in serving from behind the doubles alley in a diagonal fashion - it causes distress to the returner. Quite often they step over the imaginary doubles sideline with their back foot. It is another great example where the "dangerous" serve would just not happen if FFs were being called.
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