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Originally Posted by Homeboy Hotel View Post
Most of them seem pretty much true for now.

His knees will give in, his career wont last, his serve is too weak, his volley sucks..seems pretty spot on - kudos to that guy.
"His knees will give in": Nope, he's practicing again.

"His career won't last": Nope, he's practicing again and extending his career by playing more clay-court tournaments, less hard-court tournaments, including no 'band-aid solutions'.

"His serve is too weak": Nope, Nadal holds the record (with Roddick) for the fewest service breaks en route to the title, and Nadal only dropped one service game en route to the final at Roland Garros 2012. Nadal has one of the most dominant serves of all time.

"His volley sucks": Ever seen Nadal play at Wimbledon and Roland Garros?
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