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Originally Posted by makinao View Post
Someone finally mentioned the "A" word.
It had to be mentioned. I caught by wife taking Tylenol a few days in a row while complaining about mild back pain. We ended up having a big fight. I myself have a weekly habit. On Fridays, I play after work and come back really tired with the week's burden. I take 2 Tylenols and 2 Ibuprofens (together) before going to bed, and end up sleeping till 10 or 11 am on Saturday. It has become a routine and it relaxes me a whole deal. I know the mixing is bad, but it is only 2 + 2 OTC caps.

When I had back pain and took Doan's or its equivalent (magnesium salicylate), I liked to "extend" it for a day or two. It feels good.
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