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Originally Posted by datsveryinterestin View Post
Glad ur home safe&sound auzzie! Thanks for hiiting with me duting ur visit. I know 100s if people wanted to see you so i feel honored!
i loved it! good job hitting, and good job making babies 4.5+ level for both
Originally Posted by zapvor View Post
oh man
i want a rematch against auzzie. last time we played he easily bageled me in like 4 min. while tying his shoes.
remember that crazy wind. hit the ball towards the doubles alley on one side, and it would fly to the doubles alley on the opposite side of the court!
Originally Posted by tennismonkey View Post

Auzzie -- i'm sorry i missed your visit. i see now that i have been relegated to the not quite good enuff to hit with the king of sandbags list. now i'm tropically depressed.
I wish I could take that seriously! Last year when we hit you were hitting me off the court! Unfortunately, just didn't schedule enough time in the US to really do much
Originally Posted by PaulMan View Post
Yeah, I wasn't good enough for the King of Sandbags either - I just decided to crash the party since I knew where they were hitting! I had heard he was hitting unbelievably so I came out and tested the King with some tough DEEP pokes (twss) into the corners and he had no trouble repeatedly digging them back. No lie - the King is standing tall.
takes a sandbagger to recognize a sandbagger, but the biggest one of all is Downs!!! Love that you're still super nimble with those five finger kicks!! And I hate hitting with your frames, because I think about them for weeks afterwards!
Originally Posted by tennismonkey View Post

auzzie -- i think it's funny that you have to weigh yourself down with ankle weights just to make hitting with us slugs worthwhile.
wish that was the only thing weighing me down...
smart shoe guy and promiscuous racquet man- xisbum
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