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Originally Posted by tennisfreak850 View Post
So on Friday Fri, Nov 9, 2012 I ordered the Flame 2K12, Flame Hat and the shirt. I paid for FedEx overnight shipping and the Shirt was on backorder, today the Flame T-shirt shipped via UPS Ground which means I will not get it to the 27th of Nov.

If my original order had FedEx overnight shipping why was my backordered T-shirt not shipped the same way? TW you dropped the ball on this one
We apologize for the confusion and miscommunication. If you placed your order over the phone, a customer service rep should've explained to you that all back ordered items ship UPS Ground.

Because you had an item on your order that was back ordered, the order could've been processed 2 ways. One, the entire order would've been placed on hold till the back ordered item(s) came into stock, then it would've all shipped via FedEx Overnight. Two, the method you chose, all items that are in stock ship immediately via your chosen shipping method (FedEx Overnight), and the back ordered item(s) go out later at no charge. Because we are paying for the 2nd shipment, that is why they all go out as UPS Ground.

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Jason, TW
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