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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
Are you currently trying a demo too?

By "tinny" I mean, not solid and stable feeling. Hard to put into words tasting a wine. Reminded me of the prior year Pure Drive's. Almost like a non-descript "blah" feeling on impact....not one that you remember and want to hit again and again. Also very "crisp" feeling...not plush and full feeling.

Perhaps that is why the TW reviewers as a whole, were very luke warm on it? Just kind of a "non memorable" hitting experience. Again...this is with their Silk string at their tension.. I haven't really liked ANY racquet yet with that string in it.
You should demo the racquet with your string of choice, it's the only way to know if the frame works for you, I usually break the strings in the first hitting session when demoing, but if not, cut them and restrung at my preference.
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