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Originally Posted by Candide View Post
I'm going to go with pkshooter above and say go for some decent weight. All this guff about a 12oz racquet tiring you out over three sets is a load of malarkey (to use a Bidenism). Airy racquets encourage poor technique as they are overpowered and you see club players all over the world with these 'tweener' racquets waving them around like fly swatters - i.e. a six inch backswing, almost no follow through and general poor form. You can get away with this and win a few games at your club but if you want to move on and not be destined for tweenerdom forever get a racquet with a bit of heft to it and concentrate on developing a nice long stroke. You'll frame a few more balls but will get great sensation when you do middle the ball. There are decently weighted racquets that aren't necessarily 95sq inches. The Solinco looks pretty good (I've never had a hit) but here's another one that may suit you.

Nice specs, a real pleener. You should definitely demo rackets in that spec range.
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