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I will throw this out there just because I fall into the "big guy" category, though I don't really classify you as a big guy. I am 6'4" 270 lbs. and at 3.5 working my way to 4.5. I started playing again last year and started with the BLX Pro Open and have been working my way through a few sticks and am now playing with Boris Becker 11 mids and Volkl C10 Pro MP's. I really prefer the BB11's, but at 93 in they are a little small for my game right now. That is why I am trying the C10's. I prefer an open string pattern, and these racquets are all in the neighborhood of 350 grams strung. They aren't tiring at all to swing in my view.

It is hard to say whether you would like a racquet or not without hitting it since it is a lot about feel and personal preference, but I am happy with what I am currently playing with.

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