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Google translation of her Le Figaro interview about young and younger still aspiring pros and what she sees from tennis parents today

IN stole Service (Michel Lafon), the former tennis champion Isabelle Demongeot, talks about sexual abuse that would have subjected his coach indicted for aggravated ****. Beyond her ordeal, she denounces training exclusively focused athletic performance. LE FIGARO. - What was your life as a young champion? Isabelle DEMONGEOT. - A life locked and double-locked from the age of 12-13 years. Tennis seven hours a day, evening courses by correspondence, the weekend competition. Holidays, one week, two weeks rest, I do not know. For strength, we are robotic, we lose the notion of time passing. It is a passion, but also a drug. In the key, no output, no external relations. The coach takes you back when you cross at 22 hours with friends. When you go to the movies, your parents suggest you ask permission from your coach who refuses or with you. And I was not the worst off: the Olympic Games in Seoul and Barcelona, ​​I remember the shock I had when I saw swimmers or gymnasts! your loved ones have they accepted the plan without difficulty ? I told my parents I want to play tennis and competition, are you ready for me? Without sports they played the game, accompanying me around with other girls. Then the coach came with instructions: go to bed early, no output, no boyfriends, no boom. The results followed, securities fell, and my family followed suit. Did you feel that the influence of the sports trainer ended today? cramming it still exists today. With one difference: I do not see children of 11 or 12 years, but kids age 7 and younger. Without that seems to ask what will be the impact on their future life. While tennis is their passion, they also live their life kid! We can no longer focus solely on performance, yield to refrain abroad, they begin earlier. Sports psychologists work mainly on performance. They should work on the relationship with the coach and parents. Should pass through solitude, hardness, or in the worst case, for **** to succeed? This is of course unacceptable. Must tell parents watch your children, what it does, what it will become. If you had a prodigy in training, what would you do? I would say that athletes are not fools that must be led by the nose, the career is very short and that the future is more important. If I had a child of 7 years with potential, I would slow it down significantly. I also think that the father of a student by emphasizing the importance of recovery time, recommending less tennis for more school.
So many subtle points of wisdom. So sad the ordeal suffered to express such truthfulness.
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