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Originally Posted by 5263 View Post
and you think his Bh rtn against power serves was an asset in those wins??
don't know how aggressively a 2hbh could return those power serves but any 2hbh that could have returned those serves most likely were due to the athleticism not 2hbh. against a server who can paint the lines the short reach of 2hbh can be a liability. at pro level accurate serves are not uncommon tho in junior it's much more rare. that's why lots of successful juniors stand no chance in pro level. 1hbh is not a liability for juniors not learning it well is the liability.

case in point, god forbid, if an aspiring junior learns 1hbh from someone like Oscar he would stand no chance against even good high school players. but if he learns and develops something like gasquet, almagro, Feds, he will have no problem at any level.

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