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I played all out Yesterday for 90 minutes and I feel great today. Muscle soreness but no tendon over the norm. I think I'm good, just have to lay off the poly.

As far as the cold/hot I thought that was just for sprains? I do that when ever I blow an ankle out. I thought tendons were only cold?
Not cold/hot but cold/warm. Always starting and ending with cold.
IF you only do cold your blood supply suffers. And that slows the healing. Of course there is no blood supply on the tendon itself. Good circulation is the key. So keep it warm. Do flexbar twists 3x15 times two or three times daily. And do 10 times 15sec cold 15sec warm daily.
I actually ditched the polys for a while. Now now I'm able to use them as a cross string with no problems
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