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Originally Posted by TnTBigman View Post

The New Balances are awesome. I used to be a Nike ho. All I'd ever buy/want was Nikes. 3 pair Resolves, 4 pairs Breathe free II, Vapors etc etc. The longest usage I'd get on average was 4 month off the hard courts (8 hrs per week 4.5 NTRP). The Breathe Frees II were the most comfortable Nike tennis shoes I've ever worn. Then I decided to try my pop's NBs he praise so much. They felt roomy at first (we wear the same size), but they were very comfortable, and lasted an average 5-6 months. Went through 2 pairs since 2007. Exceptional shoes, with variable widths to choose from. AND they go on sale. They've made more stylish designs as of late. It's a win win with NB.
Could you say which New Balance models are you talking about? A post after yours also just mentions NB but no model. I've been wearing NB 600 for some years and they improved my foot condition after a problem with Plantar Fascitis. The wide style fits me too.They did wear out quite quickly though. Usually the heel was worn down in 2 months. Now NB discontinued them. Then I got NB MX407. Since then I've had several different foot problems. There are so many models of Barricade and Bercade. Which ones are the best deal for hard courts and comfort? Also I'd like to know the current model numbers of good NB tennis shoes that last. Thanks for any tips.
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