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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
And don't even get me started on "handfaults" - standing close to the net and hitting the ball before it has come over.

If this was enforced, it would not result in merely "scaling" down of the net aggressiveness - it will lead to a collapse of the game because many of the guys who do it lack fine control to hit the ball just after it crosses. Under scrutiny, their shot will breakdown, and the "fearsome net guy" will be rendered harmless. This is another situation in which players get away with impunity and even build big reputations in the process.
Unless you are looking down the net or have slow-motion replay at your disposal, you are in no position to be sure the net player made contact on the other side of the net.

Personally, I think "hand faults" should be made legal. If you can make contact with the ball without touching the net, why shouldn't you be allowed to play the ball? People hardly ever call a "hand fault" on themselves because they are in no position to judge the exact point of contact down to the inch, so why do we saddle them with that obligation?

On the subject of calling footfaults, go right ahead. It leads to lots of bad blood and tit-for-tat nonsense, usually. If you think it is worth it, have at it.

I have a teammate who is a huge, huge footfaulter. She is old school when she serves. So rather than lift off the ground to hit the serve, she kind of walks. She doesn't land on the left foot. She steps into the court with the right foot -- way way into the court -- and she S&V.

I have never seen anyone call her on it.
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