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Originally Posted by THUNDERVOLLEY View Post
There was a certain expectation of him as a world-famous body builder (and that was an idea which gained new ground after Ferrigno already starred in The Incredible Hulk tv series), so if you look at the way he was used early on, he had to be in parts where he was seen as a threat or larger than life based on his appearance (Conan, the original Terminator, Commando, etc.). That said, as an actress, what is marketable about Sharapova? What are the expectations of her aside from the one (nudity) I think she will not do?
This is true. Plus the film documentary Pumping Iron, which follows Arnie in the Mr Olympia 1976 build up was quite widely acclaimed, since it came at the time when Bodybuilding was in its Golden Age, and Arnie was it's greatest ambassador. Arine had also stared in Hercules in New York back in the very early 70s, so they were experimenting with these larger than life bodies very early on.

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