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Originally Posted by joeri888 View Post
Uhm, maybe he also won prize money with his humanitarian award? Or maybe he's been named 'player of the year' by now as well?

This is probably it. It's the only thing that makes a little bit of sense.

Originally Posted by joeri888 View Post
Or maybe he participated in some doubles events for which he won some money? Or Davis Cup?
Doubles are already counted in his prize money, and btw, he won only around 3000$ in doubles. And he didn't play Davis Cup this year.

Originally Posted by ctbmar View Post
2012 Barclays ATP World Tour Finals.
Singles Prize Money
There was a participation Fee of $130,000.
participation fee is already counted in 1 760 000$ total.

Originally Posted by Gonzo_style View Post
What about Abu Dhabi? Djokovic won that
Abu Dhabi is not an ATP event, or ITF, it's an exibition tournament. And btw, for that he won 250k, so even if count that, we are still 100k short.

Originally Posted by woodrow1029 View Post
Could it maybe have something to do with him not being paid in US dollars at a lot of tournaments?
No it's not that. Soon as players win some prize money in Euros, AUS$ or UK pounds, they are immediately converted in US dollars when new rankings come out.

Originally Posted by woodrow1029 View Post
Maybe based on when the figures above were factored in, the exchange rates had changed? Just a thought.
And second, if it was that, then he wouldn't be off by exactly 850k. It would be like 436 874$ if you understand what I'm saying. There is no way it could be round number.

I can't believe no one knows the answer.
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