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Originally Posted by Ash_Smith View Post

The whole point of my asking this question was because mini-tennis removes the issue of high balls, at least through Red and Orange. Interestingly, when I was doing some research last night I found that Red (8&u) the ball never bounced above shoulder height for the contact, Orange (9&u) the same, ball might bounce above but never required a contact above shoulder.
Green (10&u) and Yellow (11+) however, were a slightly different story - seems to me the development of the child physically doesn't stay ahead of the compression of the ball (speaking generally) so they have to deal with higher bouncing balls for their height at Green and Yellow, relative to their height at Red and Orange.

My thoughts on the grip are therefore confirmed (I think) - eastern (knuckle on 1) to begin and allowing it to slide around to knuckle on 1/8 or 8 as required by the move to green/yellow.

My daughter currently plays mini orange tournaments. In the few years she's been playing I've seen two boys with one handed backhands.
One is actually part of the aegon futures. His backhand is amazing. Its quite refreshing to see that his coach went against the norm and produced a solid one hander.
I think the one handed backhand will cease to exist in 10 years however. I do Hope not though.

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