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Originally Posted by Towser83 View Post
just seems odd for him to skip a masters as big as Miami.. when was the last time he didn't play it? I can understand Shanghai or Paris or one of the clay events, but Miami is a sign Fed is definitely feeling the pace now.
He's been playing it pretty much every year. I can understand him to a certain degree, and yes feeling the pace is part of it. But if you look at that period, he has a heavy run of tournaments with the AO, and three title defenses. Rotterdam and Dubai are ideal conditions for his current game, where he can dictate play well with his agressive style. I think he will be looking to employ as much an attacking game as he can next season, to try to cut mileage down.

IW, despite being a slow high bouncing court has suited his game well, he's won it more times than anyone else. So, returning there with that inbuilt good feeling, will give him an extra drive.

Miami is an event that he had struggled in the past few years, and he even stated that it seems slower than clay at times. The grinding does not reward his game, and I don't think he expects much out of his trip there. This way, he gets to celebrate Mirka's birthday away from the tour, and with the family during their small break. He can then prepare fresher for the clay.

I don't think it is a bad idea. Yeah, if he falls early in a lot of the events leading up to it, he may play it. But when he turned upt his year, his tank was almost empty.
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