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Originally Posted by THUNDERVOLLEY View Post
Sound point. Federer has been the recipient of a drastically changed game where legions of one-dimensional baseliners do not exactly force him to change his gameplan, or face anyone capable of playing his own game better than he can, as most come at him in the same dreary, expected fashion.
More variety in playing styles doesn't automatically mean less success for Fed, it's possible he would have adapted just fine to various different conditions/playing styles and would have even welcomed faster surfaces/lighter balls where as he aged he could have relied more on his serve+FH combo instead of having to grind it out with 5-6 years younger players.

Regarding players capable of playing Fed's own game better than him, who knows how Fed's game would have looked like in different conditions? The guy won his first slam playing a lot of serve and volley and most people (tennis players, coaches, analysts, fans etc.) believe he has the overall package to dominate any era (potentially of course).

Originally Posted by THUNDERVOLLEY View Post
Only Nadal truly had his number.
So unless you have Fed's number (lead the H2H) you can't be considered as his worthy opposition?

Originally Posted by THUNDERVOLLEY View Post
In Becker's era, not only would he have the powerful S&V players to deal with, but a host of top baseliners, making the idea of his winning anything close to his current number something along the lines of fantasy.
Actually, you suggesting that he wouldn't achieve anything close to his current number is just as much fantasy/pure speculation.

The only fact here is Fed won 16 slams (among the host of other accomplishments), of course the same goes for Nadal and Novak.

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