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Originally Posted by charliefedererer View Post
To get rid of the hitch you have to do one of two things:
1. Take longer to get to the trophy position
2. Toss a little lower.

You may find that the time it takes to lean sideways more and get your front hip out may mean that you won't have to decrease the height of your toss.
Thanks Charlie Federerer. Giving me some good ideas mate. I don't get much time to solely practice the serve, but my suspicion is the same as yours. If I can get that archers bow, that extra split second it takes me to lean sideways may just go well with my current toss and set up.

Because right now I'm ready to hit and the ball is still a bit too high so I have to wait (or hitch) before it drops another millisecond.

Part of this was that I used to have a very low toss and would hit serves straight into the net and it frustrated the hell outta me. Guess I overcompensated. Ugh, now gotta go the other way to try to get it more perfect.

And to whoever was talking about my wrist, yea its not right. A wierd angle on trophy pose. I'll have to tackle that next and probably will need to video tape again.

Thanks for the input thus far, been really helpful. I compared this video I posted to one I had in the same orientation last year and my serve is definitely moving in the right direction. It has improved significantly over the last year but now it's plateaued so I guess its down to the nitty gritty to make it better.
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