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Originally Posted by Dags View Post
Does everyone at P1 string in exactly the same way, with the same technique for starting mains, same pattern (for any given racquet) and same knots? Or do you have personal preferences?

I remember some time ago one of the members of this board got his hands on a Federer match racquet, and you commented that it wasn't one of yours. I wasn't sure if that's because you can spot your own handiwork from 100 yards, or if the owner revealed which tournament it was from and you knew someone else was stringing Roger's racquets there.
We all use the same patterns on the clients' racquets, due to the fact we want the knots to be in the same place. We don't all use the same knots because we each came into the company using different knots, and the knots don't make a difference in our end product. Nate and Glynn use a nice tidy knot, and I use a humongous ugly knot, or as Nate likes to call, "that beehive piece of sh**."
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