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Originally Posted by boramiNYC View Post
what about in his peak years? his style didn't change much despite some lost ground on confidence recently due to many possible things. in those years what I remember that was striking was he would so often out ace the best servers of that period due to his phenomenal return game. it was difficult to ace him due to great footwork and the reach 1hbh provided. I think his bh return could have been better if his swing had been more flat and aggressive like gasquet, but he has done well with 1hbh and I doubt his achievement could have been better or even equal if he had 2hbh.
You're right, I don't know about the peak years. And it occurs to me that some of the players ahead of Fed in % return games/points probably play more on clay, and against worse opposition, which would inflate their return numbers somewhat (Berlocq for example).

Still, my (totally armchair) perspective is that Fed's return works extremely well for getting the ball in play, but that he's less able to be aggressive with it than someone like Djokovic or Murray. But my perception comes from watching a bunch of matches on TV and nothing else, so it could definitely be misguided.

Asking whether Fed would have done better with a 2hbh is like asking whether he'd do better if he were 6'4''-- he'd be a different player. I do think if that you grafted the returns of a Djokovic or a Murray or a Ferrer onto his game he probably would be better in certain circumstances.
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