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Heycal just continues to show how hopelessly out of his depth he is in this discussion..

While I agree that sales is a terrible measure, I can't come at AC/DC being 'horrifying'. Sure, they are pretty 'samey', but they have still given the world some of the most instantly recognizable riffs and hooks in history. ('Back in Black', anyone?)

For the record, I'm 46, a tennis coach (which has no relevance here) and a professional musician (which kind of does)

There is just nothing interesting about the Beatles for me, sorry. I don't hate them, or even dislike them, but they are just so bland. By contrast, REM and RHCP do some really unusual and honest things in terms of song structure and lyrical content.
As for Radiohead's OK Computer, that is a whole different level of sophistication to the point where any comparison to something like Rubber Soul or Revolver is just meaningless.

But this will all go right over Heycal's head, he has made up his mind, much like a birther who is totally convinced the Prez was born in Kenya (or whatever the idiotic premise of that movement of morons is), no amount of hard physical evidence will have any effect.

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