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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
Handfaults are not "obnoxious." You are assuming that you have a good vantage point to know if the opponent made contact on your side (you don't in close cases) or that your opponent does (he doesn't). Hand faults are currently against the rules, but I think there are good reasons to change the rule.

The Handfaulter cannot know if he does or does not hand fault. This is different from other things the player is supposed to call on herself -- like double-hit, being hit by the ball, not up, touching the net, framing the ball. The player often gets some feedback (you can feel it when the ball ticks your racket) or is presumably looking closely at the ball (not up).

Since no player on the court can see if a player breaks an imaginary plane and hits the ball on the other side of the net, why even have that rule?

As it is a dumb, unenforceable rule, I don't get too worked up about it. If my opponent comes close to making contact on my side . . . well, whose fault was it that I left a ball hanging or failed to lob a player who was draped on the net?
Not correct at all. It can be easily judged by the chair umpire, just like a FF can be judged by the line judges.

I am not sure whether you want the rule repealed in pro tournaments or in club-level play. I would prefer to have the same set of rules. Moreover, the other net player can see the handfault very well, because it is often so blatant. I have seen many myself. Your argument about it being the opponent's problem is totally irrelevant. Even catching an out ball before it drops loses the point, and this is far from anything close to that.

I have seen pro matches where the player has enough fine control to touch the ball and while making sure he hasn't crossed the net. I have even seen them change their racket motion near the net just for this delicate situation. Pros definitely know whether they handfaulted or not. If the same rules apply, club players should also be scrutinized. It will put a large number of the close-to-the-net characters out of business.
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