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Originally Posted by boramiNYC View Post
no bhupaes, biomechanically Oscars approach is so fundamentally off the mark it'll waste too much useless typing to address thoroughly.

However in short, the push off from the front leg is not a requirement for ssc of the shoulder. ssc of shoulder can be activated by a number of ways even with the front leg fully extended and supporting the whole body weight. the main problem with not having the weight on the front foot is there is no stopping the torso rotation near the contact point causing the opening up the shoulder and over rotating.
The push off the front foot definitely enhances the explosive effect - and I mean the push off in the way Guga and Gasquet do it. I agree that hip and upper body rotation are the primary movements in the 1HBH. IMO, the braking effect due to the "push back" enhances the explosiveness. It doesn't mean that the player will actually move backwards, especially if the player has to run forwards to execute the backhand. Of course, if one is illustrating the mechanism by hitting hand fed balls from a fixed spot, there may be a noticeable tendency to move back.

I have no motive to discredit Oscar, really I don't care, but the way mtmers are willing to have their own eyes and minds prejudiced by something other than quality tennis instruction is pretty disappointing to say the least.
Sure, you are entitled to your views, and as gentlemen, we can agree to disagree. Personally, I have benefited a lot from Oscar's teachings. I find his insights absolutely fascinating, since it opens up a way of looking at the game that is unique and rewarding.
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