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Originally Posted by Timbo's hopeless slice View Post

While I agree that sales is a terrible measure, I can't come at AC/DC being 'horrifying'. Sure, they are pretty 'samey', but they have still given the world some of the most instantly recognizable riffs and hooks in history. ('Back in Black', anyone?)

But this will all go right over Heycal's head!
Wait, let me get this straight: You're one trumpeting AC/DC and talking about how groups like Radiohead and the Chili Peppers are better than the Beatles and the Stones, and I'm the guy whose in over his head and out of his depth?

Once again, there is really little debate about this in serious circles. Only contrarians or imbeciles would argue that the Beatles and Stones aren't the cream of the crop. Which group do you fall into?

Originally Posted by Timbo's hopeless slice View Post

I have read the list of voters, an d I take your point, but don't you think it is a bit more than a coincidence that their top ten lists are always full of music from a 5 year period between 1967 and 1972?
Perhaps because it's well-known that that era produced the best music? Doesn't seem surprising to me.
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